Transform the way you think and build as an organization
This guide was developed for boards, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Information/Digital Officers and transformation leaders of organizations who are about to commence or are currently adopting exponential technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing to radically Innovate how they currently work and increase stakeholder value.
It is developed by the Digital Transformation practice area of Gumi called Adamantium, eponymously named after the fabled metal alloy which renders the action comic character, Wolverine, virtually indestructible.
For organizations looking to build for and define the future
  • The premise of digital transformation; why it is important for organizations in AME
  • Core and contextual exponential technologies; how they work in theory and in practice
  • How organizations can get started with digital transformation
  • + examples and case studies from countries in AME.
What's Inside
Does it sound like a word you want your organization to be described as? Then let’s go 👇🏼
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